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Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)


Computational Fluid Dynamics commonly referred to as CFD allows engineers to predict fluid flow, heat transfer, mass transfer, and chemical reactions in three dimensions. These phenomena are numerically

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Computational Fluid Dynamics for Aerothermodynamics and Plasmas


The scientific and technical discipline “aerothermodynamics” is multidisciplinary insofar as aerodynamics and thermodynamics are combined in it. However, recent technology work for future

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Atmospheric entry Problem Analysis

Atmospheric entry is the movement of human-made or natural objects as they enter the atmosphere of a celestial body from outer space in the case of Earth from an altitude above the Kármán Line,100 km.

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Reaction Control System (RCS) Analysis for Missile and Re-entry Capsule


The “lateral side jet technology” is commonly used for flight control of satellites and re-entry vehicles. Nowadays, it is applied to maneuver high-speed missiles flying in earth atmosphere. The flow field in

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Aircraft Aerodynamics


Advances made in CFD technologies, coupled with the phenomenal growth in the speed and memory of computers in the last decade, have made it possible to routinely conduct aerodynamic simulations of

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Thermal engineering


The development of thermal protection system against the aerodynamic heating during atmospheric-entry is crucial for a space transportation system including planetary exploration vehicle, space plane

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Modelling and Numerical Simulation of Multi-Physical Problems


Multiphysics is the process of simulating the effects of two or more interacting physical phenomena. Multiphysics typically involve solving coupled systems of partial differential equations. Until recently,

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