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Computational fluid dynamics for aerothermodynamics and plasmas


The scientific and technical discipline “aerothermodynamics” is multidisciplinary insofar as aerodynamics and thermodynamics are combined in it.
However, recent technology work for future advanced space transportation systems has taught that aerothermodynamics should be seen from the beginning in an even larger context.
One of the activities of the Gravity-Assist research group is focused on the numerical simulation of the compressible flows, with particular emphasis on hypersonic high-temperature gas mixtures that are typical of aerospace applications.
In this framework, SES works on physical models for describing the behaviour of high-temperature chemically reacting flows and develops Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation tools capable of simulating internal and external aerothermodynamics.
Thermal and chemical non-equilibrium, gas/surface interactions, radiation heating and heat transfer within the material confining with the flow can be simulated for 2D, 2D-axial symmetric and 3D configurations.
Typical applications are the aerothermodynamics of space vehicles during atmospheric entry and the design and reconstruction of experimental tests in high-speed and high-enthalpy ground facilities.
At the extreme hypersonic speeds, aerodynamic heating of the entry vehicle becomes very severe and is the dominant concern in the design of such vehicles for example the design of a blunt body for hypersonic speed.
The flow field over the blunt body can be seen in figure below.
A strong curved bow shock wave sits in front of the blunt nose and detached from the nose by the distance δ, called the shock detachment distance.
The gas temperatures between the shockand the body can be as high as 7000 K for an ICBM, and 11000 K for entry from a lunar mission.

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